Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Blogged Book Review

Hi y'all,
I have not made a blog post in quite some time.
It's rare that I sit in front of this box that long anymore, I usually just play on my phone.
I have done some book review's on Amazon, and rated and shared good (and not so good) books on Goodreads in the past, but I have never, until now, been so enamored with a book, that I thought to blog about it.
This book changed that. (Thank you, Star)
The Last Supper Catering Company, by Michaelene McElRoy.
The most excellent book I have read this year, or last year, for that matter.
In fact, it sits right up there with... To Kill a Mockingbird...The Hobbit....& Big Fish - A Novel of Mythic Proportion's, and maybe, right beside Mockingbird !
The story of the journey of B. Thankful, and a cast of other quirky, wonderful character's, in a setting that will make you laugh, cry, lose your breath over passage's that are so profound, you absolutely have to put the book down, to gulp air!
I think this book should be mandatory reading for the world !
Simply, amazing....go read it NOW !!!
You'll be SO glad you did !

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