Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's Going On ?

Hi y 'all,
Yeah, it's been a while...
Been kind of busy though, so havn't really taken the time to spout off here.
You can forgive me, or consider yourself Blessed, that I havn't...either one is fine.
We have been HOUSE hunting....trying to get moved out of MOLD HOLE HOLLER, as hard as we can.
You would not BELIEVE what a fiasco it's been either.
Warren is buying a house, since, until Tommy get's his disability, we can't afford to buy a cup of coffee !
He went to a Mortgage company, got pre-qualified, and is set to go...but, just try to find a house that doesn't have issues....It's impossible...That, or God is really watching out for us one !
( This is MY theory, anyway)
First house Warren offers on...they will not loan on, because it has a pool, and no one can confirm that the pool is in working order or not....so, scratch that !
Then he finds a house that he really loves, and offers on it. They accept his offer, but with conditions.....like, they want him to use some mortgage company THEY use....( starting to smell something fishy) ??? plus, they want his agent (someone he has known for years, and is a good friend) to cut his commission... (Really starting to smell unethically ROTTEN, now) so he tells them what they can DO with their house, and we are back to square one....Then he finds this GREAT house with almost five acres, a six stall barn, a pond, and he is in horse heaven....Makes an offer, and they counter....HE counters, and they counter back...then we find out USDA will not loan on a property with a BARN....WHAT !!! USDA is a program for RURAL properties, but you can't have a BARN ??? I mean...SERIOUSLY !!!..... but the house really speaks to him, like nothing else has, and keeps nagging at him, so he goes back with an offer to go FHA, a few weeks later...THIS time, they accept his offer, but, again...with conditions....like, he can't have it inspected (Y'all see that red flag too) and they will KEEP his rather large amount of ernest money, should the sale fall through, for ANY reason.... I DON'T THINK SO !
So, here we go again.....He found another one last week, really GREAT house, in his price range, and went to offer on it, but someone else beat him to it....
I mean, can you believe this ??? Anyway...we go out to the Little Horse Farm again yesterday, and discover WHY they don't want an inspection....THINK TERMITES !!!!
Warren talked to his agent about it last night, who , in turn, talked to the listing agent, and she tells him, that, they will HELP with the termite situation....Well, first he has to have it inspected, to find out how much, if any, structural damage there might be...so, do we, or don't we ???
He REALLY wants this house, and, providing it is ok, he's getting it for an amazing price, so he's going out of pocket, and having it inspected, before he considers making another offer...It's worth the money to find out, once and for all if it's a do'able deal, or not... He'll KNOW,one way or another anyway....and, can put it out of his mind and move on, if it won't fly...but, he REALLY loves this house , and it IS amazing, so, y'all please say a ltl prayer, that it happens, and doesn't end up being a catastrophe....We REALLY need to get out of here !

I'll let you know what happens !!!