Monday, January 31, 2011

Allergies = Sulfa and Demerol !

Today is my oldest son's birthday.
Brought back a couple of memories, I thought I'd share !
About this time, 32 years ago, Doc was rolling me on a stretcher, to the neo-natal intensive care nursery to see my son for the first time.
I was pre-eclamptic and had abrupto placenta with Erik, and went into the delivery room that cold Jan night, not sure if I or my child would see daylight, but we did, Praise God !
Well, being high as a kite on demerol, I saw a few "other" things besides daylight !
Talk about tripping !!!
As I lay on that stretcher, looking at my child for the first time, my first thought was, "Oh, what a beautiful color he is." ....cause he was GOLD !!!!
I thought, Lord, you have given me "The Golden Child" !
Doc quickly explained to me, Sandy...He isn't are drugged and it just looks that way because of the lighting in that room...
Oooooo-K !!!
He grew up to be a fine young man, and I am PROUD to be his Mom....

Flash forward a few years...I am recovering from another surgery...on my neck this time.
High on demerol, AGAIN....I had this awesome dream, that QVC was featuring the most wonderful, CHEAP, linens, and I was determined to get them.
I dreamed I reached over to my my credit card out...called the number on the screen and ordered me some sheets !
Then, the dream faded, and when I woke up, I thought, "What a strange thing to dream."...because I had never ordered anything from QVC in my life and wouldn't be caught dead doing so....never thought about it again.....
Several day's later, after I'd gone home...laying on the sofa, just chilling...I hear this knock on the door.
I get up and go see who is there, and find out it's Fed-Ex, and some guy is handing me a box....that contains a set of sheets in it !
Hummmm....guess it wasn't a dream after all...
What's more....I get ANOTHER box, containing ANOTHER set of sheets the next day !
Not only had I NOT dreamed I'd ordered sheets...I'd ordered TWO set's of for me, and one for my best friend !
and, believe me it was NOT cheap !!!!
so, from now on.....I am ALLERGIC to Demerol !!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweet Potato Love...

Some years back, I was browsing around the bookstore, and saw this book, "The Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love" by Jill Conner Browne...
On the cover were a group of women dressed up in the most outlandish outfit's I'd ever seen !
Big red hair, BIGGER BOOBS, sequins and majorette boots !
I'm like..."What in THE world" !!!
First of all, it was the Sweet Potato Queen thing that drew me to it...see, my Momma alway's called herself "The Sweet Potato Queen" because she HATED sweet potatoes !
I remember her tellin' about how they walked 200 miles to school in the snow, rain, sleet....whatEVER...carrying with them a sweet patato and a biscuit, in a syrup can for their lunch everyday...consequently, she always said, " I am the sweet patato queen...If I never eat another sweet patato, it'll be TOO SOON " !!!
I LOVE them, but she wouldn't eat them, and never bought them.

Anyway, I picked up this book..took it home, and read it !
One of the most amazing book's I've ever read...AND, turn's out, I KNEW the author...well, used too anyway !
Back in the day, when thing's were usually alway's REALLY foggy, if you know what I mean !
We hung around some of the same people, and met several times, but that was about the same time I left Jackson too, so we never became what you would call friends...but, I was in instant awe of Jill, her message , and her people !
I went to her website, which housed "The Messageboard of Love" at the time, and met some of them...this HUGE following of some of the funniest, wittiest, dearest women on the planet.
I knew immediately, I had found "My People" !

One of the first people to greet me was amazing little sprite of a woman, who had the MOST energy ! She absolutely vibrated with life ! FUNNY and kind and compassionate, are just a few of the words that describe Dutchy, and they don't do her justice.
You just had to know her.
Well, a couple of years into my experience there, Dutchy got cancer.
She fought the good fight !
She fought hard, but she didn't win...or maybe she did...I guess it's all in how you look at it.
She was a shining example of how one deals with something like that with grace and dignity though, and she taught us all a lesson , not in dying...but in LIVING !
Dutchy still the hearts of so many.

Another fabulous person I met there, was Pateeta.
Pateeta is another one who can make you split your britches, laughing...
Funny and CRAZY...good crazy though....I am smiling right now, as I type this, thinking about how many times she has made me laugh.
Funny and kind and compassionate...Pateeta took care of Dutchy during her battle with cancer...there for her, when no one else could be...
She taught us all a lesson in caring...what it means to REALLY do it.

Now, Pateeta is fighting her own battle with Cancer...
She has for sometime now...and through it all, she has remained...funny, witty, kind, compassionate, full of grace and dignity...and she is teaching us another lesson in love and living...and, how to do it.

My heart is heavy today, as I think of Patty and what she is going through...and, I pray so hard, that she is no pain...with all her loved one's near...
My heart is also full of joy too though...the joy of knowing her...
I am so grateful that God saw fit to lead me to Pateeta and Dutchy, and all of the wonderful women and men, I have met through Sweet Patato Love...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If you can't say something good about someone...

Just, SHUT-UP !
I am SO TIRED of nasty politic's, I could scream !
Saturday, a horrible tragedy happened at the hands of a madman.
Never mind what color he was, if he was left, right, liberal, extremist, gay, straight...whatever !
He was/is C-R-A-Z-Y !!!

My husband is a POX News junkie, and everytime I go in the room, where he has it on, and hear ; OBAMANATION, or hear President Obama referred to as "The Annointed One" or just being being bashed in some form... When I hear past President's being bashed, and just flat out disrespected...
At first I was just sad that we seem to have lost our RESPECT, but now I'm actually getting angry.
I mean...WHAT has happened to us...
We may be Democrat or Republican, or Liberal or Conservative, or Tea Party or whatever...but we are FIRST...AMERICAN'S !
The America that I grew up in and remember and MISS....was respectful ...regardless of our differences.
That's one of the basic freedom's that we have...the freedom to be different....and, it be O.K. !
Are we losing that ?
I have to wonder...

I want MY America back !
I want people to just start being respectful don't even have to be nice...just civil and that too much to ask ?
OK...Rant over !