Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I've Learned

Today I am one year older.
Youth is disappearing in my rear view mirror, faster than I can slow down.
I sat on the porch this morning, having coffee with God, and the hummers, and thought about what I'd learned in all these years.
I've learned that I am dying by millimeters, everyday...even as I am living the best that I can.
The race isn't really about WHEN you finish, though, as much as it is HOW you finish.
I've learned to walk in the woods...that the laundry will still be there waiting for me.
I've learned that my animal's are probably the only being's in my life, who truely love me unconditionally, especially since Momma and Daddy are gone.
They loved me unconditionally too...Hell, they loved me in spite of me, a lot of times.
My husband of almost 40 years, has no other choice, but to love me unconditionally now...I mean..he ain't gong anywhere, at this point, and neither am I.
My kid's come pretty close to it, but they are still learning, so I allow them the room they need to grow...they'll get there too.
I've learned that old folk's are treasure's, and the time you spend with them can be one of the greatest gift's you can give yourself (as well as them) !
I've learned that good friend's, good food, good music, and maybe some good wine, or a really good cup of coffee, makes for a really GOOD time.
It doesn't have to be expensive fact, I've learned that I'd much rather de-bra, kick off my earth shoes, and wear pant's with an elastic waist, than to dress up in heel's and frill's !
I've learned that saying I Love You is well and good, but showing "I love you" is even better, and sometimes all it cost is a smile.
I've learned that a lot of preacher's and politician's are psycho, and it isn't healthy to pay that much attention to them. It's better for your blood pressure if you don't...besides, Nut's fall off the tree eventually anyway.
I've learned that the only money you REALLY need in life is "enough".
I've learned that Life, even with all the heartache that you may experience, is really quite comical, most of the time, and that babies, and laughter and petting your animal's are the BEST high !
I've learned that I can STILL learn, and laugh when I can't...(think...SMART PHONE, here) !!
I've learned that the miracle really IS the journey....and, I'm loving this roadtrip, bumps and all....


  1. Oh, SK, how true! I'm so glad we found each other in Heartwarmers chat room so many years ago and have our Cozy Cloister friendships to share as well. Happy Birthday! May God continue to bless the rest of your journey in this life. FROG...Fully Rely On God

  2. This was a wonderful thing to read. Lots of truth here.

  3. It's me again -- I have read through most of your writings and they are so very good! You just held me spellbound, so I hope you will continue to write.

  4. Thank you lil red hen. I appreciate it. Gotta vent somewhere, and I really do appreciate y'all bearing with me here. <3